Snooker software


Snooker software light control system
is a program for detection time and stay services client
Snooker software light control system is simple and easy to use
Recommended : bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants


Snooker software is not a POS system it is to detect and
report time if set the exact time it will auto shut off lamp
With rf-id 128 bit card reader your customers will be
pleased to receive individual tariff with discount rate
Full online management and monitoring
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Light control

Device connection with pc via usb his task
is to care for lamps ( turn on / auto off )
Add supplement to infinite number of tables
All is a hand made ​​no relays / full electronics
and tested under continuous operation
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Interesting !

The development of snooker software is done entirely by
people playing and dealing billiard clubs
Everything is synchronized and works manage is simple easy
Not allow any act of theft by workers and managers
With tournament competition for all this is better
Many clients say : best management solution ever

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